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No, I haven’t played everything indium VR the past week, but I have played all the big hits I’ve incomprehensible over the last yr or two. Superhot, Robo Recall, BeatSaber, Vader Immortal, Moss and vitamin A few others. These are the skim off of the prune when IT comes to current VR, and yes, they ar playfulness! But VR games still feel wish vitamin A totally different plane of existence when it comes to what they take. As a “core” gamer, I’m old to 10 hour running stories, 100 time of day RPGs and thousand time of day loot shooters. But these games all sense like…minigames. Fun minigames, merely minigames all the same. Gimmicks to usher bump off what you can do what games are on today In VR, but only baby stairs for the construct. I diddle them for twenty dollar bill minutes from each one and so suffer tired of standing or hot from wearing the headset OR simply plain bored, flush if they’re playfulness initially. “Beating” to the highest degree of them takes nobelium more than antiophthalmic factor a couple of hours astatine the very most, and so what? There plainly aren’t enough high quality VR games to go by through and through a catalogue that wish last you More than a pair off weeks.

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